A Day of Blessings: Gratitude and Milestones

A Day of Blessings: Gratitude and Milestones


In the tapestry of our journey, today stands as a day of profound blessings and heartfelt connections. We are overjoyed to share the incredible moments that unfolded, each one a testament to the warmth and support within our community.

Star Fundraiser Success:

Our Star Fundraiser has reached a significant milestone, with 3% of our goal achieved. The glow of 375 ⭐️s illuminates our path, representing the collective strength of our community. Each star is a symbol of your generosity and belief in our cause.

First Supporter for Scentsy Fundraiser:

In addition to the stars, our Scentsy fundraiser has welcomed its first supporter! A heartfelt thank you to the wonderful soul, Sonya Singletary who took the initial step in supporting our mission. Your generosity has already made a meaningful impact.

Click her name to follower her on Facebook! 

Reflecting on Gratitude:

Days like these inspire reflection on the power of community and shared compassion. Every gesture, every star, and every supporter contribute to the narrative of positivity and kindness that defines our collective journey.

Looking Ahead:

As we bask in the warmth of today's blessings, we eagerly anticipate the continued journey ahead. Your support fuels our mission to make a lasting impact on those we aim to assist. Together, we are creating a legacy of compassion and change.


In closing, we express our deepest gratitude to each member of our community. Your kindness and support are the threads that weave this beautiful tapestry of shared moments. Here's to more milestones, more blessings, and a future filled with collective achievements.

With a heart full of appreciation,

Juaniqa Moody 

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I’m so honored to support a worthy cause. Keep being you and beautiful as always. Continue to help others, and God will add to your riches. I will continue support when needed!

Sonya Singletary

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