Collection of the Week

Collection of the Week

Collection of the WEEK:  PEARLS OF THE WORLD


The Pearls of the World consists of bracelets that’s pure pearls and then you have pearls mixed with other beads made of crystal, resin, acrylic , and glass crystal.


Why This Collection?


I picked Pearls of the World because:

  • Pearls are so Elegant
  • They were the last collection of my photoshoot


The current pearls you see in this collection I had the privilege to watch the people open up the clams and bag them for delivery. It was so exciting and relaxing to watch because I knew I had something so precious coming to my business. The sound of the clam opening and the pearls hit the bowl was beyond relaxing.


Bringing out the Business Nerd!
We need the FACT


Me being me, I always look stuff up that boggle my mind. I don’t know it’s a habit and always has been. I took the time to look up: Importance of PEARLS. Don’t judge me because pearls have been around for a long time soooo yeah.


PEARLS has to be important if they were brought up in the bible! I will show you:

Importance of PEARLS and COOL FACTS:

  • ‘First written record of a pearl dates back to a Chinese historian from 2,206 BCE’ 🤔🤔
  • ‘Oldest piece of pearl jewelry was found in the sarcophagus of a Persian princess that dates back to 420 BC’
  • Dated back to Ancient Egypt and Ancient Rome – in the 1st Century BCE
    • Julius Caesar created a law that limited the wearing of pearls to the ruling classes.
  • ‘Pearls have been associated with wealth, femininity, purity, wisdom, patience and peace. Due to their appearance, they have often been compared to the moon, and are said to have a calming, protective and strengthening effect on the wearer.
  • Pearl jewelry is considered to be classic, elegant and timeless.


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