About Khloé’s Bargains, LLC

Khloé’s Bargains LLC is a black owned business ran by me, Juaniqa Moody. 

My Hair and Skin care business originally started as Heaven’s Touch Hair and Skin Care in 2017. I advertise on Facebook and I also create a YouTube videos of how my product work. I was getting support but it wasn’t enough to make it an official business so I put it on hold. 


My pillow business originally started as Niqa’s Pillow Factory in 2018. Nika’s Pillow Factory was  strictly advertised on Facebook and SnapChat. I wasn’t getting support so I decided to donate all the product that was in stock to the children hospital in Greenville,NC. 

December 2020 I decided I was ready to reattempt opening Nika’s Pillow Factory but with a more sentimental name. Khloé is one of my many names I have at my full time job. I am determined not going to let my spirit be broken. Khloé’s Bargains, LLC will stay locked in for the ride. 



2022 Skin Care is in full action!